MY HEART BLED FOR HIM…..his children said he is giving them headache.

Met this beautiful couple early this year, I must confess,they are really wonderful people but there was something that pierce my heart which I like every one to learn from.I know the couple will marvel at how I could still remember such thing if they read this article. It was a beautiful day,after early morning rain on a Saturday, this lovely couple walked into the office and after exchange of pleasantries, our conversation started with "Please we need your service [...]

After hospital discharge,contact bluegate homecare nursing services

Hospitals are known for admitting the acutely or chronically ill patients in the hospital for proper management.From the doctors to the nurses and other healthcare workers,you become their focus of attention and number one priority until they see you get better.But its quite obvious that some ailments can only be managed and can't be cured e.g diabetes,complicated hypertention,cancer,stroke, e.t.c. Most hospitals in Nigeria will discharged you home and given appointment to see a doctor, maybe 3 weeks or more from [...]

Homecare Nursing Services that guarantees 100% absolute care in Lagos

I have been asked on several occasions what distinguish Bluegate Homecare Services from others and my straight forward answer has always been "many factors" amongst which are personalized care. At Bluegate,we take care of individual as special as they are by personalizing their care. We assess the client,come up with our diagnosis after assessment, we plan what we want to do,we go ahead to implement our plan,and on weekly basis,we evaluate our care and make sure we are on point. We [...]

Tips when Caring for Geriatric Patients

Below are tips for nurses when caring for aging patients: 1.Strike up a conversation As humans, it is essential that we interact meaningfully with one another. As nurses, therapeutic communication is a must when providing care. The elderly population, may be lacking and in great need of genuine human to human interaction. When caring for geriatric patients, do not only focus on the task that should be done, converse with your patient. You may start asking them about their children, where their [...]

Bluegate homecare is a company you can turn to for all your homecare needs in Lagos and Nigeria.

Bluegate healthcare agency is a professional caregiver company in Nigeria. We provide qualitative homecare both medical and non medical in the comfort of the client’s home. Our caregivers are highly motivated men and women who have been carefully selected,passionate,insured, and trained with essential modules.They are constantly being trained and supervised and we do background security check before final employment. Homecare is a supportive care provided in the home. Care may be provided by licensed healthcare professionals who provide medical care needs or professional [...]

Homecare Nursing in Nigeria

REASONS FOR HOME CARE There are basically 4 reasons for home care settings; 1.    For living longer since most patients want to age in place with dignity. 2.    Patients have more chronic, complex conditions. 3.    They leave the hospital earlier and thus need more intensive care. 4.    Sophisticated medical devices have been moved into homes. Devices that were only used in homes and bedrooms. (Agency for healthcare research and quality, 2011). Home care nursing is for individuals who need direct nursing care, but who do [...]

Homecare for Diabetic foot Patients

 Diabetes is a disease that stops a person from making enough insulin to control glucose levels. The disease can cause foot problems. Diabetes can cause nerve damage. It also can cause narrowing of the blood vessels in the feet. Without proper care, foot problems can lead to amputation. These problems include: - Foot infections. - Foot ulcers. - Lower extremity infections. - Narrowing of blood vessels. - Nerve damage. - Numbness. Keeping your blood sugar within or close to [...]

What our nurses/care givers do in your house.

WHAT OUR NURSES/CARE GIVERS DO *Administer assisted personal care such as bathroom or bedbath,oral care,change of diapers. *Help with bedpan,urinal. *Assist clients with feeding when necessary. *Provide companionship to client. Accompany clients to location outside the home such as doctor visits/appointment. *Provide basic first aid care for the clients, checking and take record of client pulse rate, temperature, blood pressure, and respiration rate. *Administer medication to client as prescribed by client’s physician. *Assist with light house keeping for client such as dusting, making beds, vacuuming, clearing kitchens. *Provide [...]