After hospital discharge,contact bluegate homecare nursing services

After hospital discharge,contact bluegate homecare nursing services

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Hospitals are known for admitting the acutely or chronically ill patients in the hospital for proper management.From the doctors to the nurses and other healthcare workers,you become their focus of attention and number one priority until they see you get better.But its quite obvious that some ailments can only be managed and can’t be cured e.g diabetes,complicated hypertention,cancer,stroke, e.t.c.

Most hospitals in Nigeria will discharged you home and given appointment to see a doctor, maybe 3 weeks or more from day of discharge,this is indeed a long wait.

At this point a lot of things will start going through your mind……im i going to die,will it get worse?will i wake up tommorow e.t.c

You should know that as human,it is natural that thoughts like this takes place but do not be worried,before hospital discharge contact us at Bluegate Homecare 51,Jubril Martins, Street, Surulere,Lagos and we will be ready to accompany you home from hospital to give you adequate nursing care at the comfort of your home.

We are more concerned about your well being at home while your hospital are concerned about your well being while you are in the hospital, therefore we are both interested in the same thing which is your general well being.

Contact us today at Bluegate homecare nursing services and lets take it up from your hospital discharge.


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